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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

The Fabulist IS NOW OPEN for submissions of short genre fiction in September 2020. 


General guidelines for submitting creative works to The Fabulist

Staying up to date

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What we’re looking for

The Fabulist publishes fiction (3,000 words or less), poetry and visual art that in some way uses elements of the fantastic.

Our interests include science fiction, fantasy and genre of all sorts; folklore, myth and fairy-stories; magic realism; and diverse recombinations of the foregoing.

Don’t feel constrained if your work doesn’t land  neatly in any given category — we’re interested in a wide range of  storytelling styles.

The Fabulist values revelations and transformations large and small, and compelling characters, places, things and phenomena.

Whether the narrative arcs are clearly and/or neatly resolved is less important than the quality of the telling.

Open calls

The Fabulist only accepts work for consideration during periodic open calls; sign up for our email newsletter and follow our social feeds to get the latest open-call announcements.

*** NO THANKS *** 

Zombies, zombie apocalypse
Teenage vampirism/lycanthropy + romance
Virtual-reality visitations with the beloved deceased
“Another Friday Night at the Elftown Police Station”
Sublimated (or overt) misogyny/racism/bigotry played out in wretched attempts at literary sophistry
“And then she/he/they woke up” (which includes not just it-was-all-a-dream but also we’re-all-living-in-a-giant-simulation)

Publishing Details

We regret that The Fabulist is not at this time a paying market.

The Fabulist requests first serial rights for 6 (six) months, non-exclusive electronic archival rights on our website in perpetuity, and an option on anthology and print rights. Authors and artists are otherwise the exclusive owners of their work.

Net proceeds from any future ebook and/or print publications by The Fabulist will be shared 50/50 between the author and The Fabulist, or pro-rated for anthologies with other creators.

Evaluation process & response time

Stories are reviewed by committee through several evaluation phases that last from three weeks to six months or more.

The Fabulist Words & Art