The Fabulist Words & Art

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

The Fabulist's current submissions window for fiction, poetry and  visual art will close on February 15, 2019. We will re-open for submissions in Spring 2019. 

Our guidelines, below, are still otherwise current. The best way to get the latest updates on when the submissions window will re-open is to sign up for our email newsletter


If you are interested in  submitting your creative work to The Fabulist, please carefully review our submissions guidelines below,  which contain all the details you need about our interests and process. 

General information

  • The  Fabulist publishes fantastical fiction, poetry, photography, art, illustration, and nonfiction essays and reviews. 
  • Submissions are restricted to 3,000 words or less. 
  • If you haven't heard from us — your work is still under consideration. But we take virtually forever to review so please shop your work around, and if we snooze, we lose. 
  • Before submitting any work, please familiarize yourself with The Fabulist Words & Art
  • Please proofread carefully, don’t forget to run the spellchecker — and make sure it hasn't "corrected" any unique spellings. 

Publishing Details

  • We regret that at this time The Fabulist is not a paying market, and is produced and published entirely by volunteers.
  • Works of fiction and poetry may be published with an  accompanying work of original art or illustration commissioned by The  Fabulist.
  • The Fabulist requests first serial rights, and anthology/archival rights in print and  electronic formats in perpetuity. Authors and artists are otherwise the exclusive owners of their work. 
  • Some works will be selected for The Fabulist's print anthologies  and chapbooks, which are published infrequently. 
  • Any profits from future ebook and print sales will be shared 50/50 between the author and The Fabulist. 
The Fabulist Words & Art