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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Our May-June 2019 submissions window is now closed. 

We have no open calls at this time. 


As a general rule, we welcome fiction of up to 3,000 words that in some way uses elements of the fantastic in the telling, and we tend to be less concerned with genre specifics. 

That said: We love genre of all sorts, plus folklore, myth, fairy-story, magic realism and experimental prose — please do submit genre works, but don't feel constrained if your work doesn't land neatly in any given category. 

Qualities of fiction we seek

  • Our primary focus is on great storytelling and outstanding narrative. 
  • We value fascinating and compelling characters, places, things and phenomena, and revelatory or transformative emotional and experiential story arcs. 
  • The scale of these arcs, and whether they are clearly and/or neatly resolved, is less important than the quality of the telling. 

What about flash, etc.? 

As mentioned previously, we are accepting submissions of 3,000 words or less. Given that maximum word count, flash and microfiction are also most welcome. 

Poetry? Longer fiction? Visual art? 

Yes, we aim to do open calls for all this and more in the future. Again, sign up for our email newsletter and follow our social feeds to get the latest open-call announcements. 

*** NO THANKS *** 

The Fabulist cannot abide cliché but notes that a great literary work can still be pulpy AF. That said, here are some types of cliché we really don't need to see any more of:

  • Zombies, zombie apocalypse
  • Teenage vampirism/lycanthropy + romance
  • Splatter/gore/brutality 
  • Virtual-reality visitations with the beloved deceased
  • "Another Friday Night at the Elftown Police Station"
  • Sublimated (or overt) misogyny/racism/bigotry played out in wretched attempts at literary sophistry
  • "And then she/he/they woke up" — which includes not just it-was-all-a-dream but also we're-all-living-in-a-giant-simulation

Publishing Details

  • We regret that at this time The Fabulist is not a paying market, and is produced and published entirely by volunteers. We do not run ads or offer subscriptions, and have no revenue stream at this time. 
  • The Fabulist requests first serial rights for 6 (six) months, non-exclusive electronic archival rights on our website in perpetuity, and an option on anthology and print rights. Authors and artists are otherwise the exclusive owners of their work. 
  • In the event that any future ebook and print publications generate revenue, proceeds will be shared 50/50 between the author and The Fabulist. 

Evaluation process & response time

  • Stories are reviewed by committee through several evaluation phases.
  • We are aiming to clear out our slush pile and make decisions as soon as possible, by the end of July 2019. 
  • The Fabulist has historically accepted three percent (3%) of the works submitted. If your work is declined, please understand that this is a matter of taste and the peculiarities of this publication, and not related to the relative worth of your work. 

A note about previous submissions

We recognize that as a volunteer-run publication, our response time has been slow, sometimes extraordinarily so. If you have submitted using Submittable or our previous Green Submissions system, and haven't received a decision — our aim is to clear out all remaining slush by the end of July 2019. 

The Fabulist Words & Art