The Fabulist is currently accepting 2016 submissions. We apologize for our slow response time.

  • The Fabulist publishes fantastical fiction, poetry, photography, art, illustration, and nonfiction essays and reviews.
  • In 2015 submissions are restricted to 3,000 words or less.
Please read our submissions guidelines below for details on the type of work we're looking for, and our response time.

Please proofread carefully, don’t forget to run the spellchecker — and make sure it hasn't "corrected" any unique spellings. Thanks for your interest in The Fabulist Words & Art.

Publishing Details

  • We regret that at this time The Fabulist is not a paying market, and is produced and published entirely by volunteers.
  • Works of fiction and poetry may be published with an accompanying work of original art or illustration commissioned by The Fabulist.
  • The Fabulist requests first serial rights; and anthology/archival rights in print and electronic formats in perpetuity. Authors and artists are otherwise the exclusive owners of their work.
  • Some works will be selected for The Fabulist's print anthologies and chapbooks, which are published infrequently.
  • Any profits from future ebook and print sales will be shared 50/50 between the author and The Fabulist.
The Fabulist publishes Fables, Yarns, Tales, and loves all sorts of genre, folklore, myth and fairy-story in service to great storytelling and outstanding narrative. Our focus, broadly, is on fantastical fiction, and no genre is necessary for publication. Relevant nonfiction is also welcome.

In 2015 we are accepting submissions of 3,000 words or less, and are always looking for work that extends literary and storytelling opportunities into new terrain.

Short fiction, fragments, poetry, nonfiction essays and review, and visual art, including photography, illustration and video, are all encouraged.

Response time and simultaneous submissions: Our response time can be six months or more. Simultaneous submissions are for this reason welcome. If you have not heard back from The Fabulist, your work is still under consideration.
    The idea of "fables, yarns and tales" should comfortably include the spectrum of world myth, folklore, and diverse interpretations and extrapolations, including genre (science fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller, mystery, historical, romantic), contemporary and literary fiction, and experimental and historic narratives. The follow characteristics may apply to some but not all successful submissions:
    • Fables can reveal moral or ethical consequences, outcomes, and entanglements, and technically should include a talking animal, though human beings may qualify.
    • Yarns include tall tales and humorous narratives, though Mark Twain's observation that the humorous story is the most difficult kind to write has borne out in The Fabulist's slush pile.
    • Tales, most broadly of all, encompass the previous two, and also in some way remind us or connect us with some numinous, magical or unknowable quality of human experience.
    Genre is a literary love affair  If you write in a genre, transcend its norms so as to glorify it. We love all forms of fantasy, science fiction, weird fiction, horror, mythology, planetary romance, sea adventure, western noir, historical divergence, magic realism, folklore, fairy tale, noir, lucid dream, and fanciful recombinations thereof.

    The Fabulist cannot abide cliche but notes that a great literary work can still be pulpy as fuck.

    Successful poetry submissions tend to reveal and explicate the fantastic, numinous, immanent, unknowable, even by using artistic mystery to do so.

    Art submissions include illustration, various types of painting, printmaking, digital art, photography, video and transmedia.

    Nonfiction includes informed and reported essay commentary, and reviews of popular media, including books, comics, and graphic novels. . 
    Please Don't ...

    Please don't just play with genre — transcend it. "Another Friday Night at the Elftown Police Station" would most likely not advance.

    Please don't submit work that follows, reflects, explores, roasts, unpacks or responds to current trends in popular media, i.e. zombies, vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, half-humans/half-etc., teenagers, schools, romance, wizards, and so on.